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Bermondsey Tales

Bermondsey Tales: Fall Of The Roman Empire is based on true events and real people.

Bermondsey Tales is not a typical British Gangster Film, it is a family drama with huge comical elements, showing the symmetry between a real South London crime family (whose roots trace back to Sicily with connections to ‘La Costra Nostra’) and The Roman Empire, as both organisations turn to in fighting when the head of state dies without a natural successor.

Mick Roman is on his way out, riddled with cancer he turns to his weaker natural son (Jimmy) over his adopted heir (Henry). Truth is, both are unsuitable to fill Mick’s shoes and lead the family forward but can Jimmy and Henry work together to steer the family through this difficult period in the family’s history or will the Roman family crumble, much like its namesakes Empire did two thousand years previous?

Bermondsey Tales is a gritty drama made up from a collection of true stories giving the film a real depth and gravitas that most modern British Gangster films lack, with huge comical stories thrown in to keep the audience entertained from start to finish.
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