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“Seraphim Film Productions gave our students and graduates a unique opportunity to experience work in a professional environment. Seraphim are the ideal partner, committed to working with us to ensure a seamless transition for the students from study into work. They have continued to collaborate on refining the business and safeguarding models which we need to be in place to ensure that such collaborations are successful.”

Dr James Martin Charlton
Interim Academic Dean, Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries
Middlesex University, London

“Seraphim Film Productions has shown leadership and true innovation by taking the lead in this exciting pilot project. This will revolutionise training and offer unique opportunities for grassroots filmmakers; a brilliant achievement. “
Adam Morley
Creative Industries, Culture, Digital and AI Lead
Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and County Council 
“Middlesex University and Seraphim Film Production continue to foster and grow their collaborative partnership through a range of initiatives that enable pro-active and aspirational students from our film and TV degree programmes to gain invaluable experience within the Seraphim portfolio.

Rohit and Michael recently provided a compelling panel discussion as part of our Gradstock Career Festival. Their enthusiasm to share their experiences; stories; and current challenges around the industry was invaluable for our students attending the discussion. Students NEED to hear what the real world of work is like and Rohit and Michael have so kindly provided their time; expertise and experience for our students. Hugely appreciated. “
Alan Stuart
Director for Careers and Employability
Middlesex University, London
“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with Seraphim Film Productions. I was thrown into many situations and new experiences that I hadn’t worked through before, however with the support of the crew I felt I was able to make mistakes, learn, grow and become more confident in my role supporting the production run smoothly. It was a perfect opportunity for me as I’d just finished my graduate film and I was looking for a new adventure. Especially being surrounded by Industry professionals and successful actors.”
Bilal B
BA Films Studies Graduate 2023,
Middlesex University, London
“It’s been a really safe space to learn. My sound team are so graceful with me. They gave me jobs, but they did not pressure me into things. They pushed me to my comfort level and then helped me go over the comfort level edge. “
Ellie F
BA Films Studies Graduate 2023,
Middlesex University, London
“I’m glad I’ve been trusted to come onto a professional set. I’ve been enjoying it very much and I’ve learned a lot so far. It’s great because what I specialised in the university was directing and being a second AC (Assistant Camera) is something I’ve never done before, so the experience has given me another perspective on a new role.”
Joao F
BA Films Studies Graduate 2023,
Middlesex University, London
Having had the opportunity to work for Seraphim Film Productions in the capacity of the Script Supervisor for their upcoming film “Bermondsey Tales” has certainly been an incredible experience.

As a recent film graduate, working closely on set with a large crew such as this one reinforced my knowledge in my role and taught me many valuable lessons in the workspace that I will cherish forever. It was certainly an opportunity that offered me the space to grow as a screenwriter/script editor and that made my passion for filmmaking grow even more than I would’ve dreamed of. “
Karla B
BA Films Studies Graduate 2023,
Middlesex University, London
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